These, INDIAN WARS Antique SPRINGFIELD Model 1868 Breech Loading TRAPDOOR Rifle 1863 Dated Lock & 1869 Dated Breech w Bayonet Here we present a Springfield U.S. Model 1868 Trapdoor Rif, 1870 - .50-70 Cal. During 1883 Hartley and Graham bought surplus Trapdoor rifles from the U.S. Government and had them converted (po, Springfield Armory produced Model 1884 "Trapdoor" rifle chambered in .45-70 Government. An Important Archive of William Miller Owen, Mason Model 1861 . Barrels original blue is starting to thin with areas of mottled oxidation visible. The rifle is in original condition, meaning it has never been shined up. I am a Civil War aficionado, but mostly Im interested because it seems undervalued and Im wondering if I might be able to turn a profit by selling it to another Civil War buff like me. Trenton m1861 .58cal Civil War MusketLAYAWAY? Ive included two attachments below that should answer any other questions you have including valuation.. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Stock is in near excellent condition w, SPRINGFIELD TRAP DOOR 50-70 GOVERMENT MODEL 1866 LOCK PLATE 1864 BORE EXCELLENT BARREL SILVER TRIGGER GUARD SILVER THREE BARREL BANDS AND THEY ARE SILVER NO RUST OR PITTING. Top gun is 54 i, "NSN, circa 1840s, .74 caliber, 40.5"" round barrel. Superb condition with 98% original blue. It appears that the stock has either been sanded (a lot) or its a post war Springfield stock, probably after far as markings on the stock are concerned there probably rack numbers from being stored in Arsenals.. My elderly sister-in-law ask me to dispose of what appears to be a Civil War era rifle which had been a wall hanger in her home. I am moving and trying to handle a lot of things that I dont know about. 36 5/8 inch round barrel with a very good bore having scattered light pitting, more so in the grooves but strong rifling. Sellers with highest buyer . 13415, made in 1894, .30-40. The full length 3 band stock is in very good condition but does have a chip behind the hammer (see photo, Antique U.S. SPRINGFIELD ARMORY Model 1847 Percussion CAVALRY Musketoon Late-MEXICAN AMERICAN WAR / CIVIL WAR Musket! This r, This gun is 100% original and unmodifed with correct model 1884 dated breech lock and correct Buffington rear sight. Unfortunately it started out as a French Style ( side lug) conversion based on the contour of the brass filler on top of the lock plate and then was converted again to the Belgian Style (cone style)or maybe the lock plate was switched at one time.hard to say. You didnt provide any images of the weapon so I have no way of understanding condition..if you like forward some photos and I may be able to help further. Featured Gun Classifieds Civil War Rifles, THIS BURNSIDE 54 CALIBER CARBINE IS A TRANSITIONAL MODEL WITH A 3RD MODEL BARREL AND A 4TH MODEL BREECH. Top Rated Plus. "Sharps Conversion Sporting Rifle. There is a surface crack at the back of the tang, but does not affect the function of this rifle. This is a GORGEOUS and RARE Springfield Armory SA-52 Service Grade, one of what is believed to be only 6000 ever made (compared to the MIlLIONS of Garands made overall). it is a single shot break open action chambered for 22lr. The metal surfaces are a gray-brown patina with a few lig, The barrel has been shortened to 32-1/2 inches and has a very good bore. Antique U.S. SPRINGFIELD ARMORY Model 1847 Percussion CAVALRY Musketoon Late-MEXICAN AMERICAN WAR / CIVIL WAR Musket! 50-70 Trapdoor. All original with the scarce and desirable 1861 date. All markings are good wi, .45-70 caliber, 32 5/8" barrel, folding tangent elevation adjustable rear sight. RARE US NAVY SPRINGFIELD Model 1870 .50-70 GOVT Rolling Block Rifle Antique Marked USN/SPRINGFIELD/1870, "U.S. Springfield Model 1795 Type III .69 caliber (AL8114), U.S. MODEL 1866 2ND MODEL ALLIN CONVERSION RIFLE BY SPRINGFIELD ARMORY IN 50-70 CALIBER, "U.S. Springfield Model 1892 Krag Type II .30-40Krag (AL8098), "U.S. Springfield Model 1842 percussion musket .69 caliber (AL8173), "Gorgeous U.S. Springfield Converted Model 1816 Type II .69 (AL8030), "U.S. Springfield Model 1840 converted Percussion Musket .69 caliber (AL8174), "U.S. Springfield Model 1884 Trapdoor Rifle .45-70 ID'd (AL8106), "U.S. Springfield Model 1866 2nd Allin Trapdoor .50-70 (AL8105), "U.S. Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor rifle ID'd .45-70 (AL8103), "U.S. Springfield Model 1840 Flintlock Musket (AL8160), Antique US SPRINGFIELD Model 1816 FLINTLOCK Musket, Antique US SPRINGFIELD ARMORY Model 1816 Percussion CONE Conversion Musket Converted Flintlock to Percussion U.S. Military Weapon. Receiver is dated 1894, metal and receiver are a smooth, "NSN, made in 1853, .69 caliber, 42"" proofed barrel. Stock shows dings and wear marks. Now, our skilled gun makers set their sights on their next pursuit We have powder, primers, brass and bullets available as well, call to inquire. This example is correct being an 1862 dated lock with an iron buttplate and iron triggerguard. National Armory Bright finish "NSN, made in 1859, .58 caliber, 40"" round proofed barrel. Perc. U.S. Springfield "1863" marked on lockplate.Early 13,XXX serial range. Trapdoor still has around 50% of the arse, 40 inch round barrel chambered in 58 caliber with barley corn front sight. Unfortunately Im not well versed in post Civil War Weapons so I am including an attachment below so you can make your own you can see in the attachment theres an illustration of a High Arch Breech and a Low Arch Breech this should help identify which model Springfield you have. E263 Bore is dark. Please provide images of the Springfields, including closeups of the lock plates and any markings on the stock and barrels.and I will do my best to answer any questions you have. The full length barrel is 54 caliber with both front and rear sights and has pitting. U. S. Springfield Model 1863 . Please see the attachment Ive included below. All the actions work, and I was told that the elderly gentleman who previously owned the rifle had fired it as a young boy. CIVIL WAR Antique MASS. Shop for 1863 Springfield musket parts with Numrich Gun Parts. The rifle appears to be what is referred to as a 3 band, long barrel. I have been told that this particular rifle was modified after the Civil War. and was wondering your opinion on this antique gun that has been on display for dozens of years in a historical 1800-built home in Litchfield, Connecticut. .58 Cal. We may have what you're looking for. 185751, made in 1882, .45-70, 32.5"" round barrel. Cal Rifles For Sale Rifles Cal with a high bid of $100.00 or MORE. Required fields are marked *. Model 1888 Trapdoor Rifle - Ramrod Bayonet Model Antique rifle manufactured 1889-1893 Serial Number - 532963 Breechblock markings US/MODEL/1884 Visible cartouche and proof marks Barrel and metal .Click for more info Seller: Southern California Gun Area Code: 858 $1,800.00 NEW THIS WEEK! Civil War Springfield Rifle-Musket Barrel Band, camp of 48th NYV, S Carolina. Thanks for your time. Here we present an antique U.S. Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor Cadet Ri, "Rare Springfield Model 1880 .45-70 Trapdoor Rifle with Experimental Triangular Bayonet. Barrel is in its original ""tabacco brown"" arsenal finish, lock plate is dated 1832 with case coloring visible. Pre-Owned. Rare gun with only 1001 of these made. Show Only Non-Guns. I hear so much about trapdoor, and not really sure what it means, but my rifle has a brass door located on the butt of the rifle. . Metal is a light grey patina with pin-prick surface oxidation noted. As such, it is sometimes classified as just a variant of the Model 1861. Description Terms of Sale. Springfield Trapdoor Rifle, lock engraved. SPRINGFIELD and dated 1861. U.S. Springfield Trap Door Carbine. Item Description: Translate description believed to be 50-70 cartridge. Barrel tang has been re-stamped to m, "U.S. Springfield Model 1795 Type II. The 25\" Carbine length. Traces of case coloring are visi, "NSN, circa 1866, .45-70, 32.75"" round barrel. First martial long arm to fire the .58 Minie ball with the Maynard tape primer system. margin-top: 10px; SPRINGFIELD ARMORY 1898 USED & WORN CONDITION. Action functio, Percussion 30 inch barrel Sharps rifle in fine condition. 58 cal. The demand of new 1863 RIFLE rifle's has risen 3 units over the past 12 months. All original and matching early Krag manufactured in 1896. 45-70 caliber with a 28" barrel. There are no other visible armory markings on the stock The functioning lock is difficult to rea, Rare CIVIL WAR COLT Model 1855 Percussion Revolving MILITARY PATTERN Rifle Revolving Rifle with BAYONET Here we present an antique Colt Model 1855 Revolving Military Pattern Sidehammer Percussio, I am offering a very rare Civil War imported M1842/51 Bavarian Rifle Musket in museum quality condition. Joe, This example was cer, HISTORIC CIVIL WAR TOWER ENFIELD PATTERN 1856 CONFEDERATE STATES CONTRACT PERCUSSION SHORT RIFLE DATED 1861 SERIAL NUMBER 3772 WITH CSA GENERAL WILLIAM B. TALIAFERRO (MOVIE GLORY), Virginia Manufactory converted musket with 1818 dated lock plate. Time left 4d 13h left (Mon, 09:40 AM) or Best Offer +$26.00 shipping I purchased this rifle back in the 70s at an estate sale. Lock plate is marked in ""CROW, "Serial No.2940, circa 1861-1865, .58 caliber, 32"" round rifled barrel. I do believe its a confederate issue and that it served in multiple battles of the civil warand had been updated more than onceplease help mr west? Missing ramrod. NSN. Metal is bright grey patina with smooth pin-prick oxidation noted. From the looks of your website you know a thing or two about this topic. 30"" round barrel. 4 Takedown Manual Guide, IWB Soft Leather Holster Houston - You'll Forget You're Wearing It! **NEW**, Springfield Waypoint 2020 6.5 Creedmoor #BAW92265CMG. These rifles were, "NSN, circa 1865, .58RF, 37.5"" round barrel. My husband loved his rifles, but I never paid much attention to them, which I regret now. Springfield Model 1864 Lock Assembly | Factory . After cleaning off the accumulated dirt from 30 years I have identified numerous markings which indicate, based on info found on the internet and Flaydermans Guide, that it may be a 2nd Allin trapdoor conversion. Overall very good plus condition, barrel is in the bright with minor pin-prick surface oxidation noted. You were kind enough to respond to me this past January when I inquired about the value of a rifle I own. Early Krag with Type II cleaning rod in overall very good condition. (.50-70) rifle is in very good antique condition. Breech, hammer and lock plate are a, INDIAN WARS Antique SPRINGFIELD Model 1868 Breech Loading TRAPDOOR Rifle With 1870 Dated Breech with LEATHER SLING Here we present a Springfield U.S. Model 1868 Trapdoor Rifle, made, Model 1888 Trapdoor Rifle - Ramrod Bayonet Model Antique rifle manufactured 1889-1893 Serial Number - 532963 Breechblock markings US/MODEL/1884 Visible cartouche and proof marks Barrel and metal, Research shows this rifle being manufactured around 1882. Rare gun with only 1001 of these made. The breech block is stamped 1870 with an eagle head over a pa, This U.S. Springfield Model 1884 .45-70 is in good shape for its age. Model 1866 US Breech Loading Rifle Transfer: A VERY FINE 2ND MODEL ALLIN TRAP DOOR: A, CIVIL WAR 1863 CONTRACT SPRINGFIELD MUSKET, U.S. Springfield .58 caliber centerfire Model, SPRINGFIELD RIFLE. Civil War Era US Trenton 1861 .58cal NJ Contract Musket in excellent condition. Here we present an antique U.S. Springfield Model 1816 Flintlock Musket, manufactured circa 1832 at t, Antique US SPRINGFIELD ARMORY Model 1816 Percussion CONE Conversion Musket Converted Flintlock to Percussion U.S. Military Weapon Here we present an antique Springfield U.S. Model 1816 Conversio, Guns Listing ID: 719337Antique Springfield 1884 Trapdoor Carbine Rifle. Cal. Springfield Rifles - Antique Seller's Information When emailing or calling sellers direct, please mention that you saw their listing on Seller: AncestryGunsLLC Company: Ancestry Guns LLC Member Since: 11/3/16 State: Missouri Zip: 65203 Country: United States Phone: (314) 707-7373 Int'l Phone: 314-707-7373 Platinum Seller After t, "Serial No. Wood is very good. This gun has a rare triangular captive ramrod bayonet. Please let me know if you have problems with the zip folder, and I will send them individually. Antique US SPRINGFIELD Model 1873 TRAPDOOR .45-70 GOVT Caliber CADET Rifle Manufactured at the Height of the Indian Wars! Rimfire DROP BREECH Rifle Serial Number 916 Falling Block Single Shot Rifle Here we present an antique Allen & Wheeloc, Antique Model 1842 Harpers Ferry Mississippi rifle dated 1847. 36 Item(s) Found Page 1 1. Just 362 of these carbine were produced in 1871 at Springfield Arsenal. The barrel length from the face of the trapdoor is 36 5/8 and overall length is 55 3/4 40" barrel. Rich, It is missing the ramrod, but otherwise complete! Over 50 items contained. The Model 1861, with all of its variants, was . Dated 1914, comes with 4 boxes of .30-06, shoots like a dream, don't need it, rather have a nice AK. Rear sight has been removed. Perc. Lock plate is dated 1864, wood, Springfield Model 1888 Trapdoor Single Shot chambered in 45-70 Government. Action works well and as you can see, wood and metal show its age. Skip to main content. 1864 dated lock. I would value any comments or information which you can share with me that would aid in confirming identity of the rifle. Stock shows nicks, dings and handling wear. Attached are some pictures of the gun. It contains a small bag of percussion caps. Ruger Model 77 Caliber 7x57 - 7mm Mauser (7x57mm) BuyItNow! US Springfield Trapdoor Model 1884 Cadet Rifle .45-70 Gov't 30"bbl 1890mfg, INDIAN WARS Antique SPRINGFIELD Model 1868 Breech Loading TRAPDOOR Rifle 1863 Dated Lock & 1869 Dated Breech w Bayonet. Musket: Navy Arms U. S. Springfield Model 1863 Musket: Model 1870 Springfield Sporting Rifle .50-70, U. S. Model 1863 Type II Springfield Rifle, SPRINGFIELD RIFLE-MUSKET 1863. Brass is nicely patinated. This used Springfield Armory 1903 is a bolt-action rifle which fires the .30-06 round. Nipple may be a replacement. Made by Miroku for Navy Arms, this rifle is superior to most Italian versions in terms of quality. A shoulder in Cartridge or Gauge: .223 Remington/5.56 NATO Finish: Black Anodized Color:Black Action:,Semi-Automatic Barrel Length:16" Hand: Right Round Capacity: 30 + 1 Gun Weight: 6 lbs. Ricky, U.S. Springfield Model 1863 Rifle Musket, Springfield Model 1863 Civil War Musket single-shot. Let me know if you have other questions, Im happy to help. Adopted by the US Army as a successor to the Models 1873, 1875, and 1880 rifles. Military Rifle Early Repeater Famous During Civil War & Wild West Here we present an antique Spencer Repeating Rifle Co. Army. I forget to mention, I live in St Louis, if you know anyone in that area who may be interested in something like this. Rather then me drone on about your Springfield please see the attachments below, hopefully they answer all your questions. and 410ga. UNCLE MIKE'S SIDEKICK Cross Harness Shoulder Holster [Size 1] . All nickel parts retain a nice aged metal patina with, P-34-78 Springfield Trap Door Model 1873 - 45-70 - Stk #P-34-78 This original Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor chambered for 45-70 has a 31- blued tapered round 1&rdq, Antique U.S. SPRINGFIELD Model 1866 .50-70 GOVT ALLIN Conversion TRAPDOOR Rifle Made Famous During the INDIAN WARS Here is an antique Springfield Model 1866 Allin Conversion Trapdoor, the, ONE OF THE VERY LAST OF THE GREAT .45-70 TRAPDOOR SPRINGFIELD RIFLES, MODEL 1888 "ROD BAYONET" MODEL #560XXX, MADE IN THE FINAL PRODUCTION YEAR OF 1893. Has all the case colors on lock and hammer and finish on stock. The rifle was owned by a gun dealer in New Yorkwho passed at 85 years oldthen passedthen I got it. Your email address will not be published. Mr west. Lock plate is dated 1805, butt plate is dated 1807. Clear. There may have been something over looked while writing a description that your salesman will catch for you. Minor handling wear is noted on the stock with cartouche, "NSN, .69 caliber 42"" round barrel. Stock is good, does show old repairs and a crack in the lower, "NSN, made in 1884, 45-70, 27.8"" round proofed barrel. Sons of Confederate Veterans, Eugene West, to 50 cal. 58, Traditions 1863 Zouave Musket Build Kit .58 Caliber 33" KR6186306, Chiappa 1863 Zouave Musket .58 Caliber 33" Walnut 910.006, Antique Purdey Double Barrel 10 GA. (1863), CMP - 1955 Springfield Garand M1 30 Cal .30-06 Springfield Rifle, Springfield Waypoint 2020 6.5 Creedmoor # BAW92265CMCFDA. Bore is bright with minor frosting. This includes 1 32-round Big bucks were spent on this one. However, taking into consideration who made it and the fact that the bayonet is with it, Im wondering if you might be able to provide a range of value that it might fall under. This a new condition riffle and its never fired also includes Springfield Front/rear flip up sites Shooters, this is a new and unfired Springfield, M1A 308. mein kampf 1939 german edition value,